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Keyboard shortcut behavior

Demo app See the full source code in the demo application on github here Real world application I’ve first implemented this behavior for an application I’m developing photoinsight and decided... Read more »

Everything Search meets .NET

What I’ve been using Everything for a long time and I use it every single day. Everything is like ‘Windows Search’ but works better way faster ! Don’t hesitate to... Read more »

FluentWPF, an alternative to Xaml

FluentWPF FluentWPF is a library which offers an alternative Xaml. Why? Reduce verbosity Provide more flexibility Improve reusability Leverage tools and C# langage capabilities Ease unit testing How Provide a... Read more »

Snoop for WPF

A great WPF tool Snoop for WPF is a quite old tool (last release update was in 2012) but even in 2017 I still can’t work on WPF/Xaml without it.... Read more »

WPF journey, Part 2

Introduction In the first part of this article I focused on MVVM and its impact on how to write Xaml code. In this second part I’ll focus more on pure... Read more »

WPF journey, Part 1

Context I started working with WPF/Xaml about 6 years ago with good background in C# and WinForms. Today I must admit I have mixed feeling about Xaml: I love doing... Read more »

Cyfe + MixPanel

Intro I discovered Cyfe about one year ago and played a bit with the PushAPI widget which was very handy and easy to use. I recently wanted to know if... Read more »

Pure xaml staring control

One of the best feature in wpf/xaml is ability to completely redesign a built-in control without any line of code. Most of the time you will just define a custom... Read more »

2D Fractal Heighmap

Intro I recently had to generate a random 2D heightmap for a spare time project. Then I recalled Paul Bourke excellent page about fractals (and a lot more !) You... Read more »