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FluentWPF, an alternative to Xaml

FluentWPF FluentWPF is a library which offers an alternative Xaml. Why? Reduce verbosity Provide more flexibility Improve reusability Leverage tools and C# langage capabilities Ease unit testing How Provide a... Read more »

Snoop for WPF

A great WPF tool Snoop for WPF is a quite old tool (last release update was in 2012) but even in 2017 I still can’t work on WPF/Xaml without it.... Read more »

WPF journey, Part 2

Introduction In the first part of this article I focused on MVVM and its impact on how to write Xaml code. In this second part I’ll focus more on pure... Read more »

WPF journey, Part 1

Context I started working with WPF/Xaml about 6 years ago with good background in C# and WinForms. Today I must admit I have mixed feeling about Xaml: I love doing... Read more »