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WPF journey, Part 1

Context I started working with WPF/Xaml about 6 years ago with good background in C# and WinForms. Today I must admit I have mixed feeling about Xaml: I love doing... Read more »

Cyfe + MixPanel

Intro I discovered Cyfe about one year ago and played a bit with the PushAPI widget which was very handy and easy to use. I recently wanted to know if... Read more »

Pure xaml staring control

One of the best feature in wpf/xaml is ability to completely redesign a built-in control without any line of code. Most of the time you will just define a custom... Read more »

2D Fractal Heighmap

Intro I recently had to generate a random 2D heightmap for a spare time project. Then I recalled Paul Bourke excellent page about fractals (and a lot more !) You... Read more »